Gratitude List

It’s been a weird past few weeks.

The world lost two extraordinary men who were contemporaries of mine … friends/acquaintances. John Grace, well known and respected mayor of Goderich who I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. And Barry Dohms, respected business man, friend to many, and my youngest daughter’s much loved father-in-law.

Recently, my brother and sisters and I have been busy helping our mom pack up a few decades of memories as she prepares to move into a nicer, more manageable place.

Will it shock you to learn that all these things poured poured gas on the existential fire that’s been burning in me most of my life? lol

As we unloaded the last of mom’s boxes, I felt a slight wave of melancholy at the thought that a life could be crammed into an 10X12 storage unit. As I took a step back though just prior to pulling that garage door closed, I realized there was nothing in the boxes that truly represented her life. It was the people moving the boxes. Her daughters, son, grandson, her brother.

Later that afternoon, I thought about the two funerals I’ve witnessed recently. Not a word in either service about any “thing” they had accumulated. The outpouring of love for both men had nothing to do with the stuff of this world … the things it would have us believe we can’t live without. Both had proved in their lives that what matters is family, kindness, thoughtfulness, family, service to others, faithfulness, loving and being loved … did I mention family?

Through the melancholy passage of time and some grief, we sometimes are presented with an opportunity to re-frame the way we look at life.

At Barry’s service his daughter Jennah, recounted how she had recently discussed his bucket list with him. He responded that he had changed his bucket list, to a gratitude list. Today, though I didn’t know him well, I’m grateful I got to know him a little and to see his legacy. Same for John.

And I’m grateful for so many other things … seriously, have I mentioned family?

Wrapping the week with a few images of something on my gratitude list. Here are some shots of Wednesday’s sunset from main beach in Goderich. Stay well friend

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Das

” All too often, people attempt to live their lives backwards.
They spend their days striving to get the things that will make them happy, rather than having the wisdom to realize that happiness is not a place you reach, but a state you create.
Happiness and a life of deep fulfillment come when you commit yourself, from the very core of your soul, to spending your highest human talents on a purpose that makes a difference in others’ lives.
When all the clutter is stripped away from your life, its true meaning will become clear; to live for something more than yourself. Stated simply, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~ Robin Sharma

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