36/65 – And That’s What Christmas Is All About – (Huron County Christmas Bureau & Katrina Clarke)

This week on “A Life That’s Good”  … Milli and I are going to do something on the pod that we would generally avoid … we are going to talk about … Christmas … before December 1st. It’s just an us thing.  We like the delayed gratification and waiting until December. Having said that, we also love the joy it brings to people who like to start early. As always, you do you. 🙂 ❤

It is for a great reason though. It’s been a part of this time of year for my entire career … the yearly check in with the Huron County Christmas Bureau. It’s an absolutely amazing initiative that has been making Christmas better for families in need in Huron County for more than 50 years. As is the case with everything … it’s evolving and today we will chat with Executive Director, Katrina Clarke about the bureau and how you can be a part of making some Christmas wishes come true.

Milli and I will also talk about the newest inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame and discuss the toys that made life good for us when we were kids … also a new poll about favourite holiday flavours … and the thing that, for each of us, really, every year, makes it feel like Christmas.


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