56. Bayfield Lavender ~ Gemma James Smith

Milli had an idea a while back to create a few podcasts under the sub-heading of “Pockets of Peace.” To seek out some hidden peaceful gems in Midwestern Ontario and I loved the idea. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the first place we thought of was Bayfield Lavender.

We’d set out on a bit of a photo adventure one day last summer and through a series of fortunate events, ended up at this beautiful oasis just outside of Bayfield on Porter’s Hill Line. We could feel the anxiety leaving our bodies as we strolled about this peaceful, sustainable, small scale lavender farm.

We’re excited to share it with you today as we sit down for a chat with owner operator, farmer, creator … Gemma James Smith.


Here are a few pics … Three from our visit last summer and then 1o of Gemma’s captures of some of the beauty you’ll find at Bayfield Lavender.

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