58. Blyth Festival (50 Seasons) ~ Gil Garratt

I confess, I just stole the first few lines of this intro directly from their website. Since 1975, the Blyth Festival Theatre has put all Canadians and certainly rural Canadians centre stage, telling our stories, sharing our history, and celebrating our way of life. The Blyth Festival has always remained true to its original mandate: To produce and present the best in Canadian storytelling.

I know we talked Blyth Festival last year in episode 2 of our 65 show adventure … but some things are so great you just have to go back and check in again.  This time we will chat with Artistic Director Gil Garratt about the history of the theatre itself, it’s mission and the new Harvest Stage. Then we will dig into a brief synopsis of the 6 exciting plays coming to Blyth this summer as we all celebrate 50 seasons.

And as always thank you for everything you do. The podcast, in many ways, has exceeded our wildest dreams and that’s all you … liking, commenting, rating and especially when you follow us or share the show with your friends, it gives us a real boost.

We borrowed a few images from the Blyth Web and Facebook pages.
LOVE the artwork for the shows this year by Autumn Ducharme.


The Blyth Festival Theatre:  WEBSITE …  FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM   

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