66/65 – Epilogue (Peter Garland)

I explain this in more detail in the podcast but I was … I am … terrible at math.
So, it shouldn’t surprise you that this is episode 66 of 65 … actually 66 1/2 but at this point who’s really counting anymore. #CountingIsHard

I’ve had Peter on my list as one of the people who has made (and makes) life good since the planning stages of the pod and I just couldn’t let it go without having a quick chat with him. He’s someone who once upon a time, encouraged a goofy kid and changed his life. I’m that kid btw in case you’re wondering.

Peter is a guy who has made a lot of people’s lives good through his more than 30 years of doing morning radio in London and in working for charitable causes and being a kind and supportive soul.

We hope you enjoy our epilogue for the podcast. Be sure to listen to the end for what’s next!! 🙂


And, be sure to check out petergarland.ca for more on Peter including a really fun audio page 🙂
Below, a mini album of a mentor and friend.

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