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It took 2 ½ years but it finally got me. I tested positive for covid on Saturday morning (16th) after waking up feeling like I might be getting a cold. Honestly, for the first couple of days, I wondered what the big deal was. On day 3, it showed me what the big deal was and I spent the next three days feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. I do not recommend!

This morning, day 14, I finally tested negative and I’m feeling like I have a little energy back … or it might just be the elation of finally testing negative! I was starting to worry that I would be one of the unfortunate souls who start to feel better and can be past the contagious stage but continue to test positive for up to 3 months.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll probably say it a few hundred times more in my life … I’m NOT a doctor or a scientist or even a human who believes it’s actually possible to “do my own research.” At least, not without going back to university and studying for several years. A YouTube video isn’t gonna do it for me. Believe me, I’m a self-help junkie who, for years has danced with dozens of get well schemes and dreams of physical and mental wellness. Most of it has been a colossal waste of my time with only tiny bits and pieces of useful information that I’ve held on to.

Having said that, I try to be as open minded as I can and allow people their right to believe as they wish … but, I’m gonna say this.

Covid is real. Some will tell you it didn’t hit them all that hard. Some will tell you it made them incredibly sick. I’m feeling like I fell somewhere in the middle of that. If you haven’t had it hit you, I pray it doesn’t but for all of us, I think it’s a solid reminder that everyday of good health we have is a blessing and something we should never take for granted.

It seems to me like the world has exploded with opinions and beliefs and is more divided than ever and that can be a great source of anxiety for some. For me, I decided I wanted to trust science and my doctor and I believe that the vaccines my partner and I received protected us from a much worse fate. I’m grateful for that.

Like most of the world it seems, I’m excited to be out and about again but I feel like I got a little lazy … almost complacent and moving forward I will be reapplying a little more effort to simple things like masking, hand washing and my behaviour in general especially with large indoor gatherings.

On a few of the days when I was feeling a little better, I managed to drag myself out for a walk or a windows down drive. It felt good to feel the sun or cool breeze on my face. And of course there’s nothing like a drive around this beautiful place we get to call home, to release a few endorphins and improve my mood. Here are a few shots from some of my covid adventures over the past two weeks.

Stay well friends.

Winds & Waves at Port Albert beach.

Love me a good hay field … this one, just outside of Wingham.

Love the colour…red roof over the corn on Blyth Rd.

A couple of Turbine/Sunset shots on Dungannon Road.

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