10/65 – Summertime In The Prettiest Town In Canada

Some claim that Queen Elizabeth II once said Goderich was, “the prettiest town in Canada” although to my knowledge, no reigning monarch has ever visited the town on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.
The truth is, I don’t really need anyone else to tell me something I already know. It IS beautiful … and friendly … and resilient, as was displayed in the comeback from the F3 Tornado in 2011.

Our family moved to Goderich from the Niagara Peninsula  … just in time for me to attend grade one at Victoria Public School. It’s where I spent grade one to six … then on to Robertson Memorial for grade 7-8 and highschool at GDCI.

There were years playing hockey and baseball, being a member of the Goderich Laketown and Highschool bands and yes, marching in the town parades around the square … It was church and church choir at North Street United … falling in love with theatre in grade 7 and becoming a full on drama/band kid at GDCI and later with Goderich Little Theatre …

Whether you choose to think of it as the town with some of the world’s most incredible sunsets … or the town a tornad0 once ripped through … or the town with an octagon in the middle that we call a square but you drive around in a circle … or resilient or friendly or … insert your adjective here … I will always just think of it … as home.

Today Milli and I are chatting with our friend Lisa Hood, (Tourism Director) about Goderich and all the things we can look forward to as summer arrives … All things Goderich this week on A Life That’s Good. Listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts.

Hope you enjoy just a few of the thousands of shots I’ve taken in the past couple of years in my happiest place on earth.

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