9/65 – I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Frosty Queen

For me it’s hard to imagine summer without the small road-side stands that pop up … well, everywhere. I worked at a few as a teenager … much harder work than you might think sometimes … flippin’ burgers.

It’s also, I believe, right at the top of the list for comfort food and convenience.

Sometimes these places, while busier in the summer months, stay open year ’round. Such is the case with one of my favourite places to go …especially when I’m havin’ a day … Frosty Queen in Wingham … known famously for their poutine but that’s just one of hundreds of items on the menu.

Coming up today I’ll chat with John Frieburger former owner and Paige Steep, current owner about the history of the iconic building on Josephine Street … It’s all things Frosty Queen this week on A Life That’s Good.

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Enjoy some pics from a recent trip for some comfort food.

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