46. Part 2 Bistro – Peter Gusso

It’s one of our favourite places to eat in Midwestern Ontario. Fancy enough that it can be a special occasion and casual enough that it can be just because. We’ve taken mom there for Mother’s Day, gone on a date night or two and had some great times there with friends. It’s Part 2 Bistro, on the Square in Goderich!

With beginnings in Blyth, it has matured into a great place to seek a little refuge from the world and just enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and first rate food. Owner and Chef, Peter Gusso joins us this week. We’ll talk about growing up in Bluevale, travelling through the UK, Bistro beginnings, and the love of food and cooking!

I am very much looking forward to playing some music at Part 2 Bistro in Goderich on February 15th … I’ve already decided to go in a little early and have the perogies.


Thanks to Milli for capturing some great images for this week’s photoblog. Have a look below.

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