47. Mr. Smallwood

Most of us have a teacher or two that’s made a difference in our lives. Someone who met us where we were at the time and then helped us to become the best version of ourselves.

I’ve told stories for much of my life of a select group of remarkable educators whom I owe so very much too.
In most cases it’s a lot less to do with the actual content of the classes I was in and a lot more about finding out who I was, exploring that and finding joy in a life I was born to live. Ya, I learned a few facts about the world around me, a little science and a little history, the difference between a noun and a verb and read a book or two … but it was the extra attention paid to how does this relate to and influence my life and the way I want to live.

I’m almost giddy to have this man on the show today. There’s no doubt in my mind … or I’m sure, in the minds of 1000’s of students he’s taught in his lifetime, that he, was born to be a teacher.

He taught me at Goderich District Collegiate Institute … Grade 9 English and then Canadian Literature in Grade 13 … Yep, that’s how old I am, we still had grade 13.

Today on “A Life That’s Good” … Mr. Smallwood.

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