48. Rolling With The Punches ~ Julie Sawchuk

In November of 2017, I landed a side gig as a storyteller/tour guide at Cowbell Brewing in Blyth. One of the highlights of the tour was explaining to people all the incredible accessibility features at Cowbell. I didn’t realize at the time that much of that came from the guidance of a lady I’d read about in the news 2 years previous.

In 2015, her life was forever changed when, while biking, she was hit by a car as she trained for a triathlon. Her new life in a wheelchair meant relearning so much of what she and most of us take for granted. Everything from having a shower, to cooking, to tucking her kids in at night … to putting on her socks.

The journey through that, hard to imagine darkness, led her to a place where she made the decision to shine light on it all. This week we’re joined in the studio by a strong woman, wife, mother, friend and founder of Sawchuk Accessible Solutions, Julie Sawchuk.

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