62. FORE! ~ Goderich Sunset Golf (Gary & Lynne Gravett)

When you do what I do for a living and your day starts around 4:am, it means you’re sometimes available in the afternoon to do any variety of things including popping out to the local golf course for a quick 9. Such was the case many years ago when on a particularly lovely Spring day I found myself at the golf course looking to get some fresh air and kill a couple of hours.
I birdied the first hole … then the second, parred the 3rd and then birdied 4 and 5. After 5 holes, I was 4 under.
I believe I finished that round somewhere around 8 or 10 OVER!!  After a disastrous 6 and 7, I somehow lost the scorecard.

Golf is a beautiful but sometimes cruel mistress. I don’t really entertain thoughts of ever being great at golf. Like most things, you get out of it what you put into it.

It is though a favourite pastime of mine. It can be social or not, it’s great low impact exercise and something you can do at 9 or 90 yrs old. You can get lots of fresh air and we have dozens of incredible places to play here in Midwestern Ontario.

Today, a chat with Gary and Lynne Gravett who owned and operated the Sunset Golf Course just north of Goderich for many years. It’s probably the course I’ve played most in my lifetime whether with friends or in any one of many charity golf tourneys.


FYI … Gary & Lynne have invited Milli and myself out for a round sometime soon. (I dunno what they’re thinking?!?!) We’ll hopefully add a bit to the photoblog after that. For now, here are a few pics and some very old memories.

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