63. The Point Clark Lighthouse ~ Amy Irwin

Thankfully, one of the things you could still do during the covid shutdown a few years ago was go for a drive and/or hike and that lent itself well to Milli’s and my shared interest in nature photography.

One of our earliest adventures was to Point Clark to watch a sunset from the historic lighthouse. We were really taken with the beauty of the lighthouse itself and of course, nothing beats a Lake Huron Sunset.

This week on the podcast we’re going to learn more about the historic lighthouse, it’s history, what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper, winding the light and more, including the “Secrets of the Back 40.”

Amy Irwin, Economic Development Officer for Huron Kinloss is our guest.


Here are some pics from that tw0 different visits we had a few years ago along with one of Amy in studio with us recently.


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