64. The Park House & Beach Street Station

“I don’t think I ever had a plan”
~ Herb Marshall

One of my favourite things about this podcast is the number of people we’ve had on who I’ve known at some level, much of my life and thought I knew a fair bit about, but then learned that my understanding of their lives barely scratched the surface.

We’re chatting with two such people this week. Herb & Sherry Marshall join us to chat about a couple of places that we think, are a a pretty integral part of the fabric of Canada’s prettiest town.

The Park House, the oldest building in town. And another iconic building, moved and refurbished, Beach Street Station.

Both have a very special and meaningful place in Milli’s and my heart. We had our first actual “date” at Beach Street and had dinner there just prior to my proposing a couple of years later on the beach, which of course is right there in the restaurant’s front yard.

Our podcast this week, is dedicated to the memory of Brianna Latimer (Marshall).



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