Beautiful Therapy ~ Goderich Celtic Roots Festival

You know that uncomfortable, tingly, not so funny feeling you get when you hit your funny bone? Several years ago while wrestling with some anxiety and depression, I would experience that tingling kind of adrenaline rush through my whole body several times a day as my brain/thoughts attacked my central nervous system. It was not a fun time.

My therapist worked with me on a type of cognitive restructuring. He asked me, whenever I was having those thoughts, to try to place myself, in my mind, in a place that brought me peace. My thoughts immediately went to a moment I’d had a few months previous where I was standing beneath a tree in Lion’s Harbour Park in Goderich during the Celtic Roots Festival.  The smell of the lake and the food, the breeze on my face, the sounds of the leaves rustling in that breeze and of course of the music and the overall vibe of the people and the place sent me almost immediately into a higher state of calm. For me, it was and has been a beautiful therapy.

Cheryl Prashker is a musician, Podcast host, Artistic Director & GM of the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival … and she is a good friend. Cheryl dropped by the studio recently and we had a chat about our mutual love for Goderich and the Festival. Listen below for that and for info on this year’s Celtic College, the Festival line-up and how you can be part of it all.

It was hard to choose images for this post and in the end, I decided that rather than post my “best” pictures, I would post some of my “favourite” pictures to celebrate a few of my favourite people and moments from the Festival.

This years festival will happen face to face from August 1-7 in beautiful Harbour Park, Goderich on the shores of Lake Huron. 

Check out Cheryl’s Podcast here: FOLKPOD

If you want more information on the Festival or the Celtic College, you’ll find it all on the Goderich Celtic Roots web site and/or Facebook.

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