1/65 – Life Is Short … Eat Dessert First

Today is March 20th, 2023 … And I am exactly 65 weeks away from being 65 yrs old.

The inevitable existential crisis is full throttle: What’s it all meant? … How many years can I still get away with this? … What can I do with those remaining years to create some kind of anything that matters? … How do I leave the world a little better for my having been here?

I am so grateful to have been able to call Midwestern Ontario home for most of those years … most of the last 40 working for Blackburn Radio/Media in some capacity on our radio stations broadcasting from Wingham.

My partner and soon to be wife (whom I affectionately call Milli) and I, have made “adventures” the cornerstone of our relationship. For us, throwing a couple of bologna sandwiches, a few snacks and some cold drinks in a cooler, grabbing a coffee and hitting the road in search of new and beautiful things, is the recipe for a perfect date. And we both love photography so there are often a lot of stops along the way.

I started this Photoblog last year because I love photography. It forces me and my overactive brain to slow down and enjoy this beautiful part of the world we get to call home.

Today we begin a journey that will celebrate 65 things in 65 weeks, that give me (and I hope you) a life that’s good. #65Before65Challenge

And there’s some exciting news … it’s not just a blog anymore!

Today I’m launching a podcast that will seek to compliment the photos each week with conversations with many of the people that make this part of the world such an amazing place to work, live and raise a family. We have much to celebrate, from: famous Lake Huron Sunsets,  beaches, trails and countryside … to restaurants, breweries, wineries, landmarks, local events, farms and festivals, to professional theatre in Blyth, Drayton, Grand Bend, Stratford and of course smaller local theatres … and people! There are some extraordinary humans in Midwestern Ontario. People that go above and beyond to make life good and I want to celebrate some of those people too.

And so, with that … It’s “A Life That’s Good” Photoblog/Podcast and we’re going to dig in right now and base our first stop on a favourite quote of mine …  

“Life is short – eat dessert first” ~ Jacques Torres


Life is Short – Eat Dessert First  (Amazing Local Bakeries)

What a treat this was … pun intended
Guests this week include: Karen Middleton-Meadham & Gerrit Sepers of BROD Bread & Pastry in Blyth and Chris Neamtu (Pastry Chef & Chocolatier) from Culbert’s Bakery in Goderich.

Listen to the Podcast HERE
Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts by searching A Life That’s Good Podcast

For a little perspective, here’s a gallery of images Milli and I collaborated on on a recent visit to Brod Bakery & Pastry & Culbert’s.

For more perspective and a little more on the history of Culbert’s Bakery, you can click HERE to review a blog I did with former owner Darren Culbert last Spring.

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