8/65 – A Time To Plant

May is a time to plant!

It’s also an extremely busy month for plant and flower nurseries and greenhouses.
I was running out of options when I called my friend Ally Anderson in Goderich and asked her is she knew of a Greenhouse or Nursery that might have time to talk to me … she did. If anyone is gonna know about what’s happening in Huron County … it’s going to be Ally.

My thanks today to Claire and Andy Roest from Birch Creek Greenhouse & Florals just North of Goderich for taking the time to come chat about this exciting and beautiful time of year.

And of course, with Mother’s Day coming on the weekend, what better time to talk flowers and to introduce you to someone who loves flowers and also, it turns out, loves me 🙂 … My Mama.

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We decided after recording the podcast, that a trip with Mom to Birch Creek Greenhouse might make for a great pre-Mother’s Day get together.
Hope you enjoy the pics in the carousel below. (All Images copyright: Philip R. Main & Ally Campbell)

Find Birch Creek Greenhouse & Florals on Facebook HERE
And on Instagram: birchcreekgreenhouse 

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